This was the final shot in a 9 shot theme. I lost count of the hours I took to plan, shoot and retouch each shot, especially this one. These are the starting and final images below.

The coffin shot I had didn't have an open lid, and I needed one. I created one by cutting around the top of the coffin and created a new copy layer in Photoshop


















The next stage was to add the grass and resize so that the perspective was correct between where the shot was taken and the bottom of the grave

Next for the skeleton on the grass. The first shot shows that although the grass is coming over the skeleton, it still looks like its floating.


















Its all about the shading...oh yes, I put a hypodermic needle in for good, whacky measure


Next for the skeleton in the ground, I used the warp tool in PS to bend and shape around the coffin. It was a flat skeleton when it started out.

The finished shot shows how shading again has made a big difference. Point of contact is something that is important. POC means the dark shadow at the point where one object touches another































Right, here is a RAW file on my messy studio floor of Amy! I wanted to show you this so that you can see that creativity is in the mind. You don\'t need fancy set ups. Can you see my stepladder!!
















The finished shot of Amy included warp tool, lots of careful shading and cut out around the model to replicate some of her being behind the skeleton. Tricky, but worth the effort.















Altogether now! Some final finishes and edits create the finished shot. Bleach bypass on this on Photoshop and sharpened image all around.



















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