The shot that started it all off!


Well, it seems a long time ago now when I fell in love with Fashion Photography, but it was only back in May 2010. I was looking at Facebook and saw a picture of my Cousin-in-Law, Susanna Porter, a professional dancer. It had been taken by a professional photographer. I remember saying to my wife "I can do better than that", to which my wife replied "Don't just talk about it, do it".

 So I did - well I tried anyway 🙂

I called her and she came over to stay for a weekend with us and we planned a full day shoot on the Saturday.

We had a few outfits and vague plans and away we went. We were blessed with good weather, although I soon found out that full sunshine wasn't great for this type of photography!

I remember vividly stepping up on a small stepladder step from the boot of my car whilst Suzie posed elegantly on a bench. I framed her in the viewfinder of my Nikon D700 and fired the shot. That 125th of a second changed my life from that moment. I felt myself well up with emotion and I said in my head "f**k, I love this".

That 125th of a second changed my life



Nothing has changed years on, apart from I'm a better photographer from making mistakes and having harsh criticism along the way, which hurts, but does make you up your game. Life is like that though.

Still got toooo much to learn and there are some amazingly talented artists out there. Still wake up every day loving being some kind of artist. I was never very good at art at school so I find it amazing that I can do some of the composite images that I do now. Not perfect, but getting there and learning new techniques all the time 🙂

I have been fortunate to work with some great people, and a couple of 'Diva's', who will remain anonymous 😉



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